Lumber Wraps


Lumber Wraps

PPpro (PP) & PPFlex™ (PE) are available in roll widths up to 144” (3.6 m) as wraps or custom sewn covers.
Protective packaging for; lumber, plywood, kiln-dried lumber, treated wood, remanufactured wood, I-joists & beams, structural panels, all types of sidings and other building materials.
Fabrics specifically engineered to protect against abrasion, weather and handling or transit damages.
3 layer UV stabilized coated woven construction for excellent tear strength, puncture resistance and dimensional stability.
White top coat with black or beige undercoat for outstanding opacity and reduced heat build-up and condensation.
Minimal elongation so that packaging retains shape.
All PPPro™ & PPFlex™ Lumber Wrap grades are engineered to operate with industry standard packaging systems.
Flexible material for ease of packaging and pliability between -40°F to 180°F.
Reinforced high tenacity multifilament staple-strip zone for increased staple hold during transit and yard storage.
UV stabilized 4 color high definition printing with excellent ink adhesion (Corona treated on printer)
Custom folding and made-to-measure covers available.
Slip resistant top surface treatment helps to provide safer working conditions.
Inert to mold and mildew.

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